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At Glizzy, we’re giving the middle finger to big corporate gaming platforms designed to profit off of developers. There, we said it. Also, don’t sue us plz, we’re broke. Our story I hear you say? Well, let’s just say it involved a gimp mask, a tub of hot sauce and a rubber chicken named Cluck… Don’t judge, you’re just as weird for reading the ‘About Us’ section…

Anyway, we started Glizzy for one reason. We fucking love indie games. We love the gaming community, the creativity of games and the fact that indie games are, well, independent. We exist purely to support indie developers and ensure they earn what they deserve and to provide the indie community with a gaming hub that is anything but a financial transaction. Welcome to the Glizzard kingdom, you gimp.

COMING SOON.............ISH.............

Glizzy - Indie Gaming, Blockchain Gaming & GameFi

COMING SOON.............ISH.............

COMING SOON.............ISH.............



You are a Glizzard, Harry!
Expelliarmus! You guessed it, you’ve stumbled across the number 1 gaming hub *as voted by Dante Dave in 2024. Thanks Dave!
Glizzy Hub
Glizzy is worthy of a Michelin Star. We have curated a gaming hub that unites gaming, streaming, community and Web3.
Glizzy token & NFTs
For all you non Web3 degens. Developing on the blockchain allows us to scale and build a sustainable ecosystem and community. So why blockchain? Well, because WWJD?
Developer Portal
Sign me up buttercup: Slide in that juicy sausage. No, that is not a euphemism you sicko. We check you out, if we likey, you’re in.

It’s as simple as Ctrl+C + Ctrl+V to show-off your game.
Glizzy Grants
We get it. You’ve spent thousands of dollars developing your game, countless hours, but, oh shit… now we need to sell it! That’s where we come in. You can apply to Glizzy Grants to access funding as voted on by our loyal community of NFT holders. No more #wishlist to gain users, let us support you with the funds you need to succeed. Ha, we rhymed.

Ready for a fuck load of gaming spam?

Just kidding, we probably won’t even send you anything...


As a main


  • Let us cook up our vision… patience young squire…
  • Stress test our ecosystem and economy to ensure it’s sustainable, otherwise we have just wasted a fuck-tonne of $$$.
  • Commence our UI development. Just to show you we are working, I guess.
  • Seed sale time. Early investors will be rewarded. This is NFA.
  • Continued platform development. Should only take us 12 months. Assuming y’all don’t act like absolute plebs.
  • Private sale activated. Only for the frens of Glizzy. Not true. We take investment from enemies too…
  • Commence the GTM strategy, who doesn’t love a good ACRNM.
  • Community building – developers, partners and investors.
  • Stress-test the Glizzy platform and token integration.
  • Launching a bug bounty program, to look for that burnt wiener to throw over the fence to that neighbour’s mum’s dog.
  • Release the beta platform version for community feedback, we probably won’t take onboard your feedback, because you’re all plebs, but at least you’ll feel part of the process. Can we claim we are decentralised now?
  • Chat with indie game publishers and developers about integrating their games into the Glizzy kingdom. This is as much of a movement as it is a platform.
  • Serve up the Glizzy token ready for launch.
  • Refine the Glizzy platform based on “community feedback/user experience”, ensuring satisfaction for all. Well, mainly us.
  • Ensure security measures are implemented and tested. Hackers and bugs can fuck right off…
  • Serve up Glizzy to the world.

Reach out for that midnight snack